Alexandra Isabella Lopez

Alexandra Isabella Lopez

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In our inaugural Journal entry, we sit down in conversation with photographer Alexandra Lopez to talk about how meditation practice fuels her creativity and who she turns to for artistic feedback.

We were lucky enough to work with Alexandra to shoot our recent SS22 editorial campaign and were blown away by her vision and steady talent: be sure to take a look!

Alexandra Lopez

Hi Alexandra! What is currently inspiring you?

Books, for sure. A lot of my work is influenced by the books I read — I pretty much exclusively read fiction. And I often find myself really swooning over landscapes, characters, and aesthetics that I come across in a good novel. Also, the desert! The slowness, and silence out there is when creative ideas really flood my mind. I was born and raised in a small town in Texas, so for me the desert lifestyle feels like home — that feeling of ease and comfort helps me feel more receptive to limitless thinking.

How has your relationship to your creativity changed or adapted over the years?

In the past I would get really attached to my ideas as they’d come and go, and I’d share my ideas or plans with people right as they came through before executing them. I’ve since learned that my best work is created when I don’t tell anyone what I’m working on: I just do it in secret and let people find out once its completely finished. I also just kind of create something the second it comes to my mind, which helps me develop a healthier relationship with trial and error. Through this I get to maintain a sense of true intimacy with my work.

Tell us about a project (big or small) that you recently completed.

I recently shot my first commercial video. It was a joy to create, though i am not sure I’ll ever promote it since it was my first; lots of learning! Either way it opened a whole new world for me and inspired me to dive into a new medium, which has since bloomed a new project that feels really close to heart, and I’m super excited for.

What distracts or blocks your artistic side?
My inner-critic, my perfectionism, social media, stress, over-working, lack of time in nature, too many commercial jobs and not enough personal projects.


Is there a place where you go to recharge and refuel?

100% my meditation practice. About 8 months ago I did my puja (ceremony) into Vedic meditation. Vedic is 20 minutes, twice a day. At first it was uncomfortable and kind of annoying (just as our inner-voice can be). Now, my meditations are the highlight of my day. I see myself subtly floating through this kind of metamorphosis. More and more I’m able to detach from all the obsessive stories we tell ourselves about other people, ourselves, events, trauma, etc. The stories are all still there, of course, I just don’t find them to be as much a focal point of my inner dialogue, which frees up mental and physical space for more ease, joy, clarity, and overall way less stress in my body.

Who helps you think through your creative ideas?

Friends, other artists, and my partner. I think a lot of my ideas stay secret for a while, so it's rare that I even let someone think through my ideas with me, and I choose those people delicately and sparingly. I have to really admire someone’s views, taste, or creative mind to let them in on my ideas. But once I start feeling that a project is really headed somewhere, I definitely will confide in those people for a pep talk, creative direction, critique, or simply to ask if my idea even makes sense. This is definitely an area I’m still growing in, and am trying to become more open to!


You can find Alexandra's portfolio here and follow her on Instagram at @alexandraissabella.

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